Software Components

SAP® Explorer & Proxy Generator (Standalone)

Connect to any SAP® Application Server and integrate R/3 enviroments to your .NET based solutions. Generates BAPIs and RFCs proxies as independent .NET assemblies. Optionally, you can have proxy source code available in both C# and VB.NET, so you can easily extend proxies to fit your needs.


User Profile DataSource Parameter for Sharepoint 2010

User Profile Parameter for Sharepoint 2010 is a component that enables access from any DataSource being used in a Data Form WebPart to the User Profile properties collection. With this tool, any DataSource can have profile aware properties used as parameters to make queries and development more efficient.


SAP® Explorer & Proxy Generator 2008

SAP® Explorer & Proxy Generator 2008 is a Visual Studio® extension that allows developers to connect to SAP® systems, browse BORs and RFCs, view related documentation and generate proxies to integrate R/3 enviroments to .NET based solutions, incuding Web, Desktop or Mobile applications.


SAP® Explorer & Proxy Generator 2005

SAP has no explicit plans to create a SAP.Connector compatible with Visual Studio® 2005. That is the reason why we developed SAP® Explorer & Proxy Generator to create proxies for SAP's BAPIS & RFC. This code generator is a Visual Studio® 2005 Add-in that creates the source code, in C#, to comunicate with SAP.