Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions grouped by general information, technical support, and other topics.

General Information
Where can I download the 'librfc' library?
  • You may download the library the Service Marketplace: RFC Library. Please also note the mentioned SAP Notes about current version, download location and additional required libraries.
Which license is needed to use librfc32.dll in my generated proxies?
  • You can use the 'librfc' library without any special license. But the redistribution of the library is not allowed. So if you want to sell your system to other SAP customers, you must not deliver the 'librfc' with your system, but the SAP customers should download the latest version from the SAP Service Marketplace.
How can I uninstall your tool from my computer?
  • Unistalling/removing our product is extremely simple. Just delete the folder you created when when installing our product and that's it. The good news is that the proxies you generated using our tool will continue working as long as you include the required runtime files.