SAP® Explorer & Proxy Generator 2008

SAP® Explorer & Proxy Generator 2008 is a Visual Studio® extension that allows developers to connect to SAP® systems, browse BORs and RFCs, view related documentation and generate proxies to integrate R/3 enviroments to .NET based solutions, incuding Web, Desktop or Mobile applications.

  • Multiple application server navigation
  • Business Object Repository (BOR/BAPI) explorer.
  • RFC search based on user-defined filters.
  • Proxy generation for both BAPIs and RFCs based on librfc32.dll.
  • Generation of both RFC Clients and RFC Servers.
  • ABAP documentation viewer.
  • Generates the appropiate code snippet to invoke your generated proxy and ease your development.
System requirements
  • .NET Framework 3.5
  • Visual Studio 2008
  • librfc32.dll library

Below you will find the different license types available for SAP® Explorer & Proxy Generator 2008. Each license allows to install and use the software, create proxies of BAPIs and RFCs and deploy final solutions based on this proxies in a production environment. If you need a quote please contact

License Type Max. Seats Licensing Period Price Product Version Includes
free upgrades?
Basic Full

Try the product before you buy with this limited version
- No

For individual users part of an organization. Includes e-mail based support.
1 N/A USD 450 - No
* Actual savings are in comparison with a single Per Seat License cost, not including any additional charges.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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Release History

01. 21. 2010
Added complete functionality to evaluation versions.
12. 08. 2009
Added persistence of filter criteria between sessions.
11. 23. 2009
Fixed RFCTYPE_DATE and RFCTYPE_TIME lengths in structure elements on Unicode systems.

Older releases