User Profile DataSource Parameter for Sharepoint 2010

The Data View/Data Form Webpart is one of the most commonly used components of Sharepoint development. With little or none development skills required, this component can quickly integrate content and data from diverse DataSources.

These DataSources usually expose Parameters for data filtering, sorting, etc. Parameters can be static values, can be binded to controls available on the WebPart or even populated through a WebPart Connection.

In addition, the User Profile Parameter for Sharepoint 2010 component enables access from any DataSource being used in a Data Form WebPart to the User Profile properties collection. Using this tool, the DataSource Parameters can be populated with values available in the logged user profile, such as AccountName, PreferredName, WorkEmail and even custom profile properties. In this way, WebParts can show profile aware values using the user's profile properties as parameters to make queries to defined DataSources, making development more efficient.

  • None development skills needed.
  • Can we implemented using Sharepoint Designer 2010®.
  • Deployment package includes everything to make the component available in every Web Front End of the Farm.
  • Enables reusable WebPart development by avoiding hard-coding DataSource Parameters.
Key benefits
  • Increased productivity by making the tool available for power users with no coding skills required.
  • Simplifies development and enables webpart reuse by replacing WebPart connections, hidden fields and similar techniques used to implement dynamic parameter values.
  • Compatible with Sharepoint Designer 2010
System requirements
  • .NET Framework 3.5
  • Sharepoint Designer 2010® (only required if used as the main customization tool)
  • Visual Studio 2010® (only required if used as the main development tool)

Below you will find the different license types available for User Profile DataSource Parameter for Sharepoint 2010. Each license allows the holder to install, use the software, create and deploy webparts in a production environment. All paid licenses include e-mail based support. If you need a quote please contact

License Type Price Product Version Includes
free updates?
Basic Full

Only 1 Web Front-End (Web Server role) in a Single-Server Farm (A single server perform all the roles)
USD 350 - No

Up to 2 Web Front-Ends (Web Server Role), in a multi-server farm (including two-tier and three-tier farms)
USD 500 - No

More than 2 Web Front-Ends (Web Server Role) in a multi-server farm (including two-tier and three-tier farms)
USD 900 - No

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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Working with the User Profile DataSource Parameter for Sharepoint 2010

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