How can SAP® Explorer & Proxy Generator speed up your development ?


Here is a summary of the key features that can help you accelerate your code creation.

  • Multiple SAP® Application Server navigation.
  • Business Object Repository (BOR/BAPI) explorer.
  • Explore SAP® Table structures, export structure to Google Drive.
  • RFC search based on user-defined filters.
  • RFC Client and Server Proxy generation for both BAPIs and RFCs based on librfc32.dll.

Who is using this solution?

Our software components empower a wide variety of companies and institutions, ranging from small to large in multiple industries. Aconcagua IT's customers and users include Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of developers around the world. Here is just a simple vision of where are our tools being used.


Below you will find the different license types available for SAP® Explorer & Proxy Generator. Each license allows to install and use the software, create proxies of BAPIs and RFCs and deploy final solutions based on this proxies in a production environment. If you need a quote please contact

Evaluation Version


  • Personal use
  • Limited feature set


Contact us for a quote.

  • Volume licensing
  • Complete feature set
  • Email-based support

License Activation

After installing SAP® Explorer & Proxy Generator, you will have to activate it with your provided license key. Below you will find the required steps to fulfill your Online and Manual license key activation and start using the software. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

  • 1

    Online Activation

    This is the most popular activation method, using the built-in license activation feature of our product. It requires our tool to have access to the Internet.

  • 2

    Manual Activation

    Use this method if you have not enabled access to the Internet for our product or if you are facing issues with the Online Activation.

Product Downloads

SAP® Explorer & Proxy Generator Standalone - v1.3.0.0

  • 06.29.2015 - v1.3.0.0 beta - Fixed issues when activating licenses keys. Removed dependency on license key for in-production usage of generated proxies.
  • 03.09.2015 - v1.2.0.0 beta - Added new Table details pane with Field information. Export table structure to Google Drive. Improved licensing model for generated proxies.
  • 02.10.2015 - v1.1.1.0 beta - New Table Explorer functionality. Persistant RFC filters between sessions.
  • 07.03.2013 - v1.1.0.0 beta - Added support for BAPI proxy generation.
  • 03.09.2012 - v1.0.0.0 beta - Initial Release.

By downloading, installing and/or using this software, you are accepting the product's End User License Agreement (EULA).

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to recurring questions and myths about our product.

I requested a trial license but never received a response back. What can I do ?

To ensure the e-mail messages from Aconcagua IT that are sent to you do not go to Spam or Junk, you should add the following to your Address Book or your Safe Senders list:

  • -
  • -
  • - (Aconcagua IT's domain name)

I can't activate my license from within the product. Is there an alternate method ?

If you are having issues activating your license, make sure you have an active Internet connection and that our tool is allowed to connect to the web using SSL (HTTP Port 443).

As an alternative, you can also try activating the license manually. Check the License Activation section for more information about these options.

What are the installation steps?

Our tool comes conveniently packaged in one single compressed file. If you have .NET Framework installed, simple extract content of the downloaded file to a folder of your choice and our tool will be ready to use. Depending on your configuration, you may have to update your firewall rules to allow our tool to connect to the web using SSL (HTTP Port 443)

Where can I download the 'librfc' library ?

You may download the library from the Service Marketplace: RFC Library.

Please also note the mentioned SAP Notes about current version, download location and additional required libraries.

Do I need a special license to use librfc32.dll ?

You can use the 'librfc' library without any special license. But the redistribution of the library is not allowed. If you want to sell your system to other SAP customers, you must not deliver the 'librfc' with your system, but the SAP® customers should download the latest version from the SAP® Service Marketplace.

How can I uninstall your tool from my computer?

Unistalling/removing our product is extremely simple. Just delete the folder you created when when installing our product and that's it. The good news is that the proxies you generated using our tool will continue working as long as you include the required runtime files.

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